Today, I worked in the exercise room and helped clean it out. I also learned that for the first couple of days after Christmas, that it is mad chaos at WM – it was packed with everyone returning/exchanging gifts. I got some cool snow pics today. I took the time to play around with the exposure aka how much light your camera allows in. And believe me when I say that it wasn’t always the same. You can check the pics here. I’ve started to read The Girl Who Played With Fire – so far, so good. Both books are very intense and I don’t recommend them for someone who doesn’t wanna face the evils in this world because you will meet them face-to-face. While I haven’t written anything for my book, I have a whole bunch of new ideas of stuff to put in it. I just gotta figure out how to do that. I have an interesting blog that I’m gonna write here in the next couple of days – may or may not be the challenge one but I am hoping that it won’t be – and that will be a post that I spend some time on.


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