Day93 – Blahness

Today was a blah kinda day. I got mad and fought with my mom, yelled at my sister, attempted to clean up my room and made stupid decisions with my time. Am I perfect?? Hellooooo?! Didn’t you read the second sentence? I am far from perfect. Believe me, I know. I’m still working on that post for you guys, don’t worry. Found my BJM again, well, technically not mine but Collins’. Ooohhh!! Guess what? I found Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities in one book!! I used my gift card on it. $9 bucks left, baby!!

The highlight of the day was when Mom and Dad were playing on the Wii and Mom was beating Dad. We all had a blast just hanging out. After all the children went to bed, I played some on the Wii myself. It’s ok by yourself but it’s more fun with other people, especially the sword-fighting one. Well, I am off to bed. Early morning tomorrow.


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