Day95 – More Little Miracles

As of yesterday (20101229) our baby goat tally was 5: Mary, Mark, Miracle and Elizabeth and Martha. This morning, bright and squirly, it was Mary, Mark, Miracle and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Martha didn’t make it through the night. Now, our tally is 9: Mary, Mark, Miracle, Elizabeth, Andrew and Petra, Martha and Maggie (Magdalene) and Gabby (Gabriel). Our theme this time around is NT names, which is getting kinda interesting because we have had a ton of girls and there aren’t a lot of female names in the NT. As you can see, we made Gabriel into Gabriella, aka Gabby and Peter into Petra. Maggie has joined Miracle and Mary inside so she can survive but her twin, Martha, is outside with her momma. Hopefully, both will pull through the night. I’m gonna try to get pics of all of them tomorrow, but I won’t guarantee anything.

Today was interesting. Mom and I went to WM where I met up with Parker and later met up with Pearson and Briand who are all Marines. Well, Pearson and I started talking and over the course of the afternoon, I invited him to come to dinner. He practically has to drive past my house to get to his and I was making fudge which he wanted some of. The kicker comes from the fact that Justin came up to give my younger bros and sisters their gifts he had gotten them for Christmas. And he was here when Pearson got here. Thankfully, Justin decided to leave and I was able to enjoy hanging with Pearson. He’s a cool guy and he wants me to meet his family, since he’s already met mine. I don’t know what this will lead to but I’m gonna let God lead me.

After dinner, all of us except for Mom, played on the Wii. Stuart got his butt handed to him on more than one occasion by Dad and I got mine heavily handed to me in frisbee golf also by Dad. Other than that, not much happened.


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