Day100 – Woohoo!!

Woohooo!! I have hit the 100 day mark!! Yay for me!! My life has changed sooo much in the last 100 days that’s insane to think about. As I sit here typing this, my right hand is slightly throbbing because I decided, for some unknown reason, to smash into the wall. It hurts but it ain’t broke. This day has been so weird. I spent all morning texting Zack and now, I realize that he won’t be able to tell me good morning for the next month. I haven’t cried all day but I came pretty close when I realized that I think I actually do love him, that I wanna spend time with him, that I wish I had met him sooner, and the list can go on and on. When I’m with Zack, yes, I will admit that I kinda sorta get butterflies but there is a sense of peace and comfort around him. Like, we’ve been friends/lovers forever and this is just another day. I’ve never felt like this. Is this what love is like? The ability to be able to say anything and to know, that no matter what, there won’t be judgment from it? If so, then I will gladly admit that I am in love and I hope to remain that way.

Well, day 1 is done. How many more days??


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