Today was just a weird day. I didn’t sleep well last night, I started to take care of my clothes but I didn’t finish (again, grrrrr), tried to write in my book some more, all in all, I was just not motivated at all.

S had JROTC today, as usual. He also had his Venture Crew meeting tonight. And yes, I think I have officially effed it up between me and Rowan. I was given direct orders for something, and when I went to tell her/Stuart about it, some others heard me say that and they all made comments which ticked Rowan off at me. I was firm with her when I got in the car but I am sick and tired of being made the bad guy when I’m not.

Tonight, I’m gonna start writing letters to Zack even though I know I won’t be able to mail them to him. That way, when he gets back, he can read them. Well, I’m off to bed.


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