Man! People can be so rude sometimes. This morning, and for the last couple of days, I have been fielding off the people who honestly, don’t know what life’s about. They keep saying that I don’t know what love is, that I don’t know what the real world is like, all because I was homeschooled. Bologna!!! I have watched my parents live 21 years of marriage, happily and at times like newlyweds through whatever we went through. The same thing with my maternal grandparents. My parents knew after 12 hrs that they were gonna get married and have kids. So, it’s quite possible that I can love Zack after a week. So, after talking to my mom, and a few other people I love dearly, I was able to calm down and move on.

We watched Despicable Me for pizza/movie night and Rowen was over as well. She can be such a pouter to get her way sometimes, it just drives me nuts. I made 3 things of fudge for my littlest sister’s cheerleading fundraiser – choc/walnut, choc/butterscotch and peanut butter. Well, I am off to bed. ❤ ya Zack!


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