Day103 – Serving

I have both been served and served others today. I went to a pancake breakfast fundraiser at Applebee’s this morning for my little sister’s cheer team. They are trying to raise money to go to Nationals in March. I was served by every cheerleader at least once in that time period. Later today, I went to the Poindexter’s and served them in a completely different way: by babysitting. You see, Kandace Poindexter (the mom) just finished her chemo for breast cancer and I said that whenever she and her hubby wanted to have a night out, that I would come over and watch the girls for them. Well, tonight was that night. I had a blast hanging out with the girls, figuring out that the McDonald’s play equipment is definitely designed for kids smaller than me, that cell phones in butt pockets while sliding down slides is not a good idea at all, and that having a 2 year old fall asleep in my arms is amazing.

What ways do you serve others????????

I still miss Zack and can’t wait to see him again. ❤ ya!


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