Day104 – Rollercoaster

They go up and down, side to side and may even have a loop-de-loop or two. Some of them use seatbelts, some use contraptions to hold you in. Some are absolutely terrifying, some are quite relaxing. But they have one thing in common: they make the theme park what they are. Without the rollercoaster, would any of us honestly go to a theme park?? No. I wouldn’t and I used to be terrified of them.

Same with life. We have days that are up, down and throw us all over the place. I started out my morning by getting frustrated at my family, then calmed down and realized how much I wanna be a mom one day, then escalated to arguments in the afternoon/evening and felt total elation when Zack called from Camp Lejune. After he called, his phone lost signal and I couldn’t get up with him again. 😦 I have never missed someone like this and the rest of the evening I was kinda down in the dumps because I couldn’t talk to him.

On another note: The Cape premiered on NBC tonight. It was really cool. I cannot wait til next Monday to watch some more episodes.


P.S. I have 9 weeks til I leave for Basic.


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