Day106 – The Stillness of Snow

Today was the second time in 3 weeks that our area in NC got snow. It was another time for my mother and I to enjoy the silence of snow. You know what I mean? The silence that only comes from listening to snow fall and afterwards, when it’s done falling. There is nothing that can compare to that silence. Nothing.

Today was supposed to be a busy day for me but instead, due to the snow, was a very relaxed day for me. My youngest brother and I played the Wii for a few hrs this afternoon and suffice to say, I got my butt handed to me on a silver platter from a 5yr old. He beats me at swordfight, at bowling and even wakeboarding and it’s not because I let him either. He just goes and has fun playing and doesn’t care about the technical aspects of it at all.

Zack has been gone for a week. Only 23 more days to go! ❤ ya Zack!


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