Day109 – Rambles of a Lonely Heart

Man, oh man. Today was just interesting. For starters, I didn’t sleep well at all. Surprise, surprise but last night was really bad. Had some arguments with my siblings this morning which didn’t help matters and to top it off, the carrots we were gonna use for the stew tonight froze, somehow, in the fridge. Which meant that I had to drive to the store and get some. By the way, did I mention that I hadn’t eaten yet? Sugary pop-tarts and Dr. Pepper – breakfast for slackers and believe me, I regretted it later.

Stuart had JROTC and auditions at WHHS this afternoon, and Mom and Dad had a retirement banquet tonight and I had my DEP meeting (which I will talk about in a minute) and McDaniel had CheerXTreme tonight as well.

My DEP meeting was pretty ok considering it was pretty much put together at the last minute due to the fact that no one could get to the office to plan it. I have officially realized how immature some of them are but that there is not a thing I can do to change that. I am proud to say that I know my General Order’s and my Sailor’s Creed as well. Yippee for me!!

In another random note: Justin pulled me up in chat tonight and while I admit I was a bit rude, he kinda deserved it after the hell I went through the week after Thanksgiving. Guys who are reading this, pay attention. Don’t tell a girl you love her one night and then the next day say you wanna be friends and then the day after that go back to saying you love her. Not only will you break her heart repeatedly, but it’ll make you look like a jerk. Just don’t do that, ok? We’ll stick around and hope that we are the one who will change you but after a while, we will walk away. And our heart will be broken so much, and so many tears will have been shed that we aren’t even sure if we are fixable again.


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