Mom had her first class teaching ASL this morning. It wasn’t too bad but there a couple of kids who are gonna be interesting to see how they do. On the way home my littlest brother threw up. We had just enough time to clean out the van before I left to take Stuart to WHHS. After dropping him off, I went to the office and helped out some. Can you believe that I leave in about 7.5 wks?! Yeah, I can’t either! When I was weighed today, I had gained a couple of pounds. Not what I wanted to hear right now. Anyways, the guys were in such a good mood that it was almost comical. When, after picking up Stuart, I made it home, I decided to go get some pics for today. I went out to the old torn down trailer, and got some cool shots, and had a really cool one set up when my battery died. I came up, grabbed my back-up only to discover that it was also dead. Darn! I’m gonna try to get the pic tomorrow. Right around bedtime, the littlest brother threw up again. Poor baby looks miserable. We don’t know why he is sick either. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Night y’all!


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