My morning was rough. I have no idea why but it was. There were so many little things that bothered me that shouldn’t have and I know I should have taken it to God but I didn’t and my whole day was ruined because I kept harping on it and fuming about it. I had to make 4 batches of fudge today which is actually a small amount compared to the amount I was making a month ago but for some reason, it just seemed to take forever.

Tonight was insanely crazy! At least it was for me. I drove my mom and my sisters to CheerXtreme, drove the older sis all the way across town for AHG, drove across town and back so younger sis can go to AHG as well, then drove back and forth to pick up Mom from CheerXtreme and then we came home. I did nothing but drive for about 3 hrs. It’s exhausting.

Still haven’t heard from Zack – keeping him in my prayers. 143


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