New Challenge – Til We Meet Again

I have decided to start another challenge. I will write a blog and/or post a picture on my adjoining blog, RoseAmongThorns photo, every day. The reason I am calling it “Til We Meet Again” is because it gives me something to do until I meet Josh again.

It gives me an excuse to write and take pictures. It gives me a place to daily vent when I don’t know what to say. It gives me a chance to relax and realize that everyday God is in control, even when I can’t see it. I know that God is in control, I mean, he gave me a husband who is calm when I am frustrated, who knows how to handle money and is my match.

This weekend has been very interesting for me. I moved into my new, and first, apartment yesterday. I bought pots and pans and food and dishes and an air mattress and I still feel like my place isn’t my place yet. It seems so barren and lonely. It makes up for it by the view I have outside. It’s more space than I thought it was but I like it. I like knowing that I have space to have friends over but it’s a lot of space to make me feel empty and lonely. It’s even worse on gray and cloudy days like today. Days like today make me snuggle up with a book or my computer and stay inside. And it makes me feel lonelier than ever because I don’t have anyone to snuggle with.

I did get out and take some pics though to rid me of my loneliness – sneak peak below!


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