Life alone

Life alone might sound super cool, no one to tell you what to do and when, or where to go but it’s not all glamorous. I still have places I have to be; I still have things that I need to do and I also have bills I have to pay. I miss my husband more and more every day. Life is not glamorous – at all.

Next week my hubby will be here – Yay!!!! He’ll be here for Christmas – which is good that we’ll be able to spend our first Christmas together.

I’ve been slowly but surely decorating the apartment. I’ve gotten some decals for the walls. My favorite one is in the living room and it says: Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. It’s very appropriate for both me and Josh as we’ve both been unlucky in love before meeting each other and we can both be goofy and silly.

Tomorrow, Courtney is badging up and I will be the last one from class 11460 here in San Antonio to badge up. I don’t mind being in holding but it sucks when others badge up and I don’t. That, and my husband is actually doing his job also. I don’t like going to school and through all this training and then not doing my job.

I miss my family. Especially since it’s the holidays and for the first time I won’t be home to spend it with them. Yes, I will be spending it with my hubby but it’s gonna be different without all my siblings there. Maybe another year.