Is not just for the old ladies without husbands who like to gossip – no, it’s for people like me as well. People who haveĀ  always wanted to try it but felt they couldn’t learn something so ‘complex’. Let me tell you this – knitting is only complex is you let it be! I personally find it easy and relaxing. Something I can do where I feel accomplished when I look at it. Something I can do a little bit of whenever I have a few minutes to relax. I’m currently working on a scarf for my friend, Angel Bennett, and even though I only have one pattern, I am making it as complex as I can.

It’s gonna be 2 twists, 3 twists, 2 thick twists, 1 huge twist and then I’m gonna bring it back down to end in some regular knitting/purling rows.


I do have one thing to say – I said that knitting can be complex only if you let it be and that is true not only for knitting but for everything in life. If we think it’s complex then it’s gonna be. From knitting to working out to reading to everything. Things are only complex if we let them.



Every year, we decide to make resolutions. We decide that we wanna lose weight, read more, exercise more, eat less, get closer to God, etc but we never take into account the one thing we need. It’s not more determination, it’s not strength, I mean it is but it isn’t. What was the last thing I listed in our ‘resolutions shpeel’? To get closer to God – we can’t make our resolutions until we do that. God gives us the strength and determination to make sure we follow through on our resolutions. My resolution this year – grow closer to God and my husband – with the help and strength from both – I’m sure I can do whatever God wants me to do this year.