I am so frustrated!!

First off, I didn’t post yesterday but oh well.


Second of all, I am sooo frustrated with a coworker. Let me explain. I work in communications and except for me, everyone is a gamer. I don’t mind playing games but I’m not a gamer by any means. I have gotten teased on for it a few times by everyone but this coworker is something else. He constantly pisses me off. He can’t be wrong and has to have the last word in any conversation we have. I cannot understand this guy sometimes!!!


Last of all, I have two days to lose two pounds and I’m worried that a) I won’t be able to, or b) I’ll lose the weight and start becoming anorexic so it won’t happen again. I don’t want either to happen. I really want to pass so I can say I never failed a weigh-in and so I can get orders to Norfolk.


That’s all for now in terms of griping and complaining.


In other words, I had a friend from class show me some things to do in the weight room in terms of upper body and it was cool. I finally had someone to show me some things I can do without being worried that I am doing them wrong. It’s cool. My arms are gonna be so sore tomorrow.


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