…..And the struggle I face. It’s an everyday, constant struggle. As I type this, I am watching an American Dad episode where the dad thinks that he’s too fat and decides to become anorexic and bulimic and it makes me wonder, how much of this do I believe? Do I think that I am fat when I’m not?? It doesn’t help that the Navy tells me I’m too fat for my height but how much do I believe of it to be true?? Every single day, I am faced with a choice of what to eat and unlike everyone else, fear drives me. Fear that eating the wrong thing will result in me gaining too much weight or that the opposite will happen and I’ll become anorexic. That fear is soo strong it’s almost ridiculous. I know I already mentioned my fear and how I struggle with it but what I didn’t mention is that I also struggle with depression, but that’s gonna be a different post. I’ll relate them in a different post.


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