Mom had her first class teaching ASL this morning. It wasn’t too bad but there a couple of kids who are gonna be interesting to see how they do. On the way home my littlest brother threw up. We had just enough time to clean out the van before I left to take Stuart to WHHS. After dropping him off, I went to the office and helped out some. Can you believe that I leave in about 7.5 wks?! Yeah, I can’t either! When I was weighed today, I had gained a couple of pounds. Not what I wanted to hear right now. Anyways, the guys were in such a good mood that it was almost comical. When, after picking up Stuart, I made it home, I decided to go get some pics for today. I went out to the old torn down trailer, and got some cool shots, and had a really cool one set up when my battery died. I came up, grabbed my back-up only to discover that it was also dead. Darn! I’m gonna try to get the pic tomorrow. Right around bedtime, the littlest brother threw up again. Poor baby looks miserable. We don’t know why he is sick either. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Night y’all!


Day108 – Ice, Ice Baby

…now that I have that stuck in your head, let me recount my day.

Wake up = check

Eat breakfast, take a shower and get dressed = check

Take 141 pics in the snow for about an hr all the while freezing my…nose off (you thought I was gonna be naughty, didn’t you?) = check

Eat lunch, edit pics down to 34, and watch movies all afternoon = check

Run all over the AC area and then get my butt kicked on the Wii by my younger brother = priceless, I mean, check

There you have it. My day as a whole. Now, tomorrow is gonna be fun! Night!

Day94 – A Miracle is Born!!

No seriously, a Miracle is born. Let me rewind and start off with the fact that I was supposed to get up at 0700 and get ready to take Ramon up to Chapel Hill for a doctor’s appt. Needless to say, I didn’t get up til 0855, and trust me, that is not the best way to start one’s day. Made it up to Chapel Hill a little bit after his appt but it was fine. After the appt, we went and ran some errands and I didn’t get home until about 1500, give or take. Mom asked me to go check on the babies (we had one born yesterday [Mark] and twin girls [Elizabeth and Martha] who were born this morning) and see how they were doing. When I got outside, I realized that there was another baby that was supposed to have been born when Mark was born. Apparently, Mark had a twin that maybe even the mom didn’t know about. Without going into details, my mom and I had to literally birth this little baby girl into the world. Suffice to say, Mom and I were both shocked to discover that she was alive even though Mark had been born the afternoon prior. We rubbed her clean (babies are soooo slimy when they are new) and tried to take her out to her mom but mommy rejected her. Now, we have two bottle babies (Mary and Miracle) and 3 others who are healthy and with mommy (Mark, Elizabeth, and Martha).


Miracle sleeping (solid black head, and white and black back half) while Mary looks at the camera


Today, I worked in the exercise room and helped clean it out. I also learned that for the first couple of days after Christmas, that it is mad chaos at WM – it was packed with everyone returning/exchanging gifts. I got some cool snow pics today. I took the time to play around with the exposure aka how much light your camera allows in. And believe me when I say that it wasn’t always the same. You can check the pics here. I’ve started to read The Girl Who Played With Fire – so far, so good. Both books are very intense and I don’t recommend them for someone who doesn’t wanna face the evils in this world because you will meet them face-to-face. While I haven’t written anything for my book, I have a whole bunch of new ideas of stuff to put in it. I just gotta figure out how to do that. I have an interesting blog that I’m gonna write here in the next couple of days – may or may not be the challenge one but I am hoping that it won’t be – and that will be a post that I spend some time on.


Today was really weird. I was at CCCC for maybe, 45 minutes and other than take S to WHHS this morning for JROTC, I did absolutely nothing it felt like. I got up, got dressed and even put make-up on for classes I didn’t have to go to. What was I thinking??

Today was very much a chillax day for me. Don’t think I didn’t do anything, I did kinda force myself to do some writing while S was at class but I hate having to force my writing. It never sounds the way I want it to.

The live finale of the Sing Off was tonight. The final four were Committed, Jerry Lawson & The Talk of the Town, BackBeats and Street Corner Symphony. The final two were Committed and Street Corner Symphony and while I wanted Street Corner Symphony to win, Committed won instead. In this competition, no one is a real loser. These are all amazing and talented people who can make the coolest music ranging from gospel to hiphop to rap and beyond without using any other instrument other than their voices. Fingers crossed that each of these guys will come out with a CD so I can listen to it. That would be awesome!!

Tonight, a rare thing happens: a complete lunar eclipse. While I will not stay up to see it, I do have a cool moon pic that I got earlier today – Enjoy!

Day83 – Challenge162

Today was a looong day! Woke up really late, 10 am to be precise. When I did wake up, I found my uncle passed out on the couch, still smelling of rank alcohol. The rest of my day was spent arguing with my younger sister, yelling at my littlest siblings and feeling absolutely miserable. We had some snow, which turned to sleet and rain and we had some more sleet later in the day. I can’t seem to get a handle on my eating habits, or anything.

And now with there being no school to give me some sense of order, I don’t know what to do. I have accumulated a pile of laundry once again and I don’t wanna take care of it at all. I have a messy room that I don’t wanna clean, a Bible I don’t wanna read and prayers I should say but don’t. And no, I am not catholic, but I prefer to pray for my friends who I know are struggling with stuff. I am known as the girl who anyone can go to if they wanna talk, but there are few people who I could say the same about. I just feel so useless. I have no money (literally!) and I can’t pay for the stuff I wanna pay for (insurance, gas, etc).

And to top it off, my ‘aunt’ Katrina is coming to stay with us! That’s actually good news!! She’s in the hospital right now and they think she might’ve had a stroke. So keep her in your prayers, if you pray.

After it snowed/sleeted/rained today, I was able to get some cool pics!

Day75 – Challenge162

Maybe it’s the fact that Christmas is almost upon us, maybe it’s the fact that we are almost done with the semester but whatever the reason, today was a good day at school. We started talking about our final in History today and we finished out Quiz Bowl in Econ. All in all, a good school day. Went to WHHS and back, like normal. Made more fudge this evening, which seems to be my thing to do now. Hung out at MickeyD’s in Lillington while my lil bro had a meeting. Read some more of a book I am enjoying and wrote some more of my book. I have do have something cool to talk about though. I took some pics of my mom’s snowglobe a couple of days ago and today when I was editing the pics, I saw this one. Check it out and let me know what you think.