Today is day 88, just in case you couldn’t tell. Man, I tell you what, for all my complaining about school, I miss it like crazy!! I miss having a reason to get up in the morning and I miss actually having to do something right then instead of pushing it off until the next day. I still haven’t finished taking care of my clothes yet and part of that is due to laziness and another part is due to the question of what else do I give away? I haven’t touched the BlueJackets manuel that I was lent and while I have been doing some reading (mostly out of boredom), I haven’t touched my Bible. I feel miserable and I hate not having a schedule to my life. Heck, in a way, I even miss working at CB during the holidays. I hate this, almost with a passion it seems. I haven’t even written anything in my book, that’s how depressed feeling I am. I know it’s the holidays and we’re supposed to be thankful and all that and truth be told, I am. I am thankful that I am with my family and that my father has a great job, that I will be leaving soon for Basic, that my brother is successful in JROTC and that for right now, things are going well. But at the same time, I feel depressed. There are things I know I am supposed to du but haven’t, things I shouldn’t have done but did anyways, and so on and so forth. I’m signing off and going to bed and maybe tomorrow I can be more motivated to do something productive.



Today was really weird. I was at CCCC for maybe, 45 minutes and other than take S to WHHS this morning for JROTC, I did absolutely nothing it felt like. I got up, got dressed and even put make-up on for classes I didn’t have to go to. What was I thinking??

Today was very much a chillax day for me. Don’t think I didn’t do anything, I did kinda force myself to do some writing while S was at class but I hate having to force my writing. It never sounds the way I want it to.

The live finale of the Sing Off was tonight. The final four were Committed, Jerry Lawson & The Talk of the Town, BackBeats and Street Corner Symphony. The final two were Committed and Street Corner Symphony and while I wanted Street Corner Symphony to win, Committed won instead. In this competition, no one is a real loser. These are all amazing and talented people who can make the coolest music ranging from gospel to hiphop to rap and beyond without using any other instrument other than their voices. Fingers crossed that each of these guys will come out with a CD so I can listen to it. That would be awesome!!

Tonight, a rare thing happens: a complete lunar eclipse. While I will not stay up to see it, I do have a cool moon pic that I got earlier today – Enjoy!

Day81 – Challenge162

So…I get up late for school and take my shower, annnnnnd then I find out that school is canceled today, including my art class which was tonight. So, I was definitely freaking out as I didn’t wanna have to make up this class over one test. Thankfully, my art teacher was smart and allowed us to take the test online – so that is another final out of the way. We had some sleet, some snow, some ice and a lot of rain today and I am worried about the roads in the morning because it has the potential to freeze. Yuck! Other than that, nothing happened today.

Day80 – Challenge162

Almost done with my Finals!!! Yay!!! After the first half of my history final, I had my Econ final. I’m hoping I did well on that. You wanna know something? I have homework for Econ! I just did my final, what the hell?! Went out to WHHS and hung out as usual. Didn’t really do a whole lot today but I did get some more of my book written. And, I also am pretty damn confident in my knowledge of my Sailor’s Creed and my General Orders, I think.

Day79 – Challenge162

Had my Theatre final today and I’m not too optimistic about it. I answered them as best as I could but I still don’t think I got enough right. Kinda moped around the house because of it. I did go and see Western’s Winter Concert which was amazing!! They were really good, had a couple of slip-ups but kept right on going. I am now gonna do my Econ homework that I forgot I had to do.