The hunter took a deep breath and paused. The sound of the rain pit-pattering off the huge trees was more than comforting. As she let out her breath, making sure she kept it ever so quiet, she stepped out from behind the massive oak and looked around. Her target came walking out between two massive oak trees that as her target continued to its pace, they morphed into the marble columns of a courthouse. Her target changed from a slender, young doe to a politician with all the wiliness of a fox. Her bow became a sniper’s favorite weapon, her Robin-Hood-esque outfit transformed to a completely black, but elegant, assassin’s outfit. The hunter once again sighted her target, and without thought, hesitation or emotion, pulled the trigger. Her target fell to the steps and the hunter disappeared and was never heard from again.

“Dany! What are you doing out here?” asked Nasha, “it’s freezing out here and your dinner’s colder than it is out here.”

“Huh? I’m sorry Nasha,” Dany said as her mind came back to reality, “It’s just that I’ve never seen the city look so peaceful. What did you say this white stuff was called?”

“It’s snow. Now come on in and eat,” Nasha urged once more.

“Ok,” agreed Dany. As she walked inside, she thought on the unusual dream and why they were getting worse. As she sat down to enjoy her dinner, her mind drifted off to a young man with dark hair and dark eyes whose name she still hadn’t caught. Dany automatically went through the motions of the evenings as she pondered the dreams and they what they meant. Right before going to bed, she looked over at Nasha who was in her office and knew the question that needed to be asked. She approached quietly (Nasha was known to have a temper) and knocked on the door with a sense of fear.

“Nasha,” Dany asked cautiously.

After a dreadfully long pause, Nasha looked up and Dany could see the exasperation in her eyes as she rudely answered, “What?!”

“Is it possible that the few memories that I could have could present themselves as dreams? Or that certain smells or even certain sights could make them come back?” The last sentence made her think of him once more.

“Maybe, but it depends on the dream. How about you and I talk about this in the morning? I’m in the middle of some paperwork and can’t stop right now. I’m sorry for snapping,” Nasha said, with all the emotive qualities of a mother concerned with the welfare of her child. “It’s late and you need your sleep for school tomorrow.”

“Ok, we’ll talk tomorrow. Good night,” Dany replied.


Usually Dany would fall asleep by first counting the ceiling tiles of her bedroom, then by counting the stripes in each individual tile and if that didn’t work, which it usually didn’t, she would get up and read. Ever since Nasha had found her and made her go to school, ‘loss of memory is no excuse to not go to school’ was Nasha’s favorite phrase concerning school, she had discovered her love of reading. Currently, she was devouring a book about a young girl by the name of Jane Eyre who had no family, just like her. Tonight, however, Dany’s mind was on other things. She was sure that that guy had something to do with her dreams. She didn’t have her first one til after they passed, rather she passed him, in the hallway nearly 6 weeks ago. Every time she had seen him, her dream that night had been more vivid and detailed and tonight was the icing on the cake. She had dreamed with her eyes open and during the day, no less. She had to figure out who he was and fast. Of course, she would have to do it behind Nasha’s back as she had a tight leash on everything and an even tighter one on Dany. Her excuse, Dany was sure that’s what it was, was that she didn’t wanna lose her daughter again. Dany sat up on her bed and pondered her dilemma. She needed to find him and get some answers and soon before her dreams took over every part of who she was.


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