SarahJo – Ninja

Origin of Birth – Scotland
Age – 16
Description – She is the epitome of Scottish girls. Her hair has been described as “fire on a cold day.” Her hair is also long and curly. From the time she was born, Jordan(Jo) was trained to be the princess she was. On the eve of her 16th birthday, rebels burned down her castle, killing her parents. She then went to live at the Protectorate. Her training to handle an entire castle, and run a country made her ideal for the Ninja.

Ninja – procedural, task-oriented, detail lover

Nathan Kenneth/Nate – Trailblazer

Origin of Birth – Cuba
Age – 18
Description – Nate is Cuban, born and bred. When Nate was nine years, Castro came into power in Cuba, kicking Nate’s father out of the country. Over the next seven years, Nate will harness anger towards Castro and his followers and use it as a weapon. When Nate’s father apparently commits suicide, Nate takes Castro’s death as his personal revenge. A few weeks later, a friend from his past shows him what it means to have a relationship in Christ. Nate forgives Castro and through the next two years starts telling others about Christ. This lands him in prison where he awaits execution. He is miraculously delivered from death and is flown to the Protectorate where he lives with SarahJo.
Trailblazer – shows ownership and initiative, independent, loves challenges and rises without fail

Qir’ah Shalome – Social Genius

Origin of Birth – Israel
Age – 14
Description – Qir’ah is the youngest of the Protectors and perhaps the smartest. At the age of 5, she managed to hack into the NSA site. Over the next several years, she would hack into various secured websites with one goal in mind: to find the proof about God in whatever. Her most recent escapade involved life on Mars and detention. Because of moving around so much, Qir’ah has “contacts” all over the world which come in handy when the Protectors are on a mission.

Social Genius – outgoing, friendly, networker

Morat/Ka’as Eythan Yegiya/KEY – Mastermind

Origin of Birth – India
Age – 15
Description – Key is just like most Dalit boys; living on the streets, stealing, etc. When he was 3 years old, he witnessed his parents death when they refused to recant their new faith in Christ. After 12 years on the “streets”, he met Josh and SarahJo. His fascination with SarahJo’s hair, led him to stick around where he learned the truth about the caste system and eventually accept Christ as his Savior. He remained in India for a year telling boys and girls his age about the truth. At 16, he fled the country to the Protectorate. When he came to the Protectorate, he found out who he was meant to be and what his role in the NGProtectors was.

Mastermind – inspirational, motivational, team builder

Alexandria Rahab – Guardian

Origin of Birth – USA

Age – 18

As a young child, she was sold by her mother to a gang as a ‘plaything’. When she was no longer needed she managed to escape with her life, barely. She tried to prevent her little sister from getting involved with gangs, but her little sis loved the drugs and the sex and at the age of 14 died from a overdose of drugs and alcohol. Does not want anything to do with the Protectors or the others.
Guardian – protector, cultivator, compassionate


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