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Meet the Generals
The generals sat around an oblong table which was displaying a scene currently unfolding in the Senate of the United States. An argument over the cost of a bill was the main focus of the argument but there were several other reasons that aren’t worth the time right now to explain.
Eybah leaned back and looked at Chaluqqah and Tacharah. Eybah shone darker than before as he fed on the hostility of the situation. Across the room, Choriy and Philauto, known as Phil, also shone darker as as they fed on the anger and selfishness, respectively, in the Senate.
Each general survived through feeding off of other people’s dark emotions.
Eybah – hostility
Chaluqqah – division
Tacharah – jealousy
Choriy – anger
Philauto/Phil -selfishness
Quadesh – idolatry
Raveh – drunkenness
Einai – lust
Kesheph – witchcraft
Kesheph was the head general, as it were. Every emotion that wasn’t pure and just, fed first into the minor general before feeding into Kesheph. But not even Kesheph was at the top of the food chain. Diabolos who was the king over the generals was the ultimate feeder.


Argument for Argument’s Sake

“I mean, we all have a past. Something we wish we could go back and change. Something we wish we didn’t do. All of us, except Qir’ah, the perfect one,” said Alex with such disdain that you could feel it oozing from her.
“Woah! Me? Perfect? You know nothing about me. What you don’t know is that Josh came the night I was to arrested for ha…..something,” Qir’ah’s voice trailed off as she looked away from Alex.
“What is ha?” asked Nate.
Qir’ah sighed and paused. “My life wasn’t the pretty little picture perfect life you guys think it is. The reason for all the moves wasn’t because my dad was in the military. They were my fault. Me and my impetuous, reckless nature. Ten years ago, right after my 4th birthday, I managed to hack into NSA’s secure site. Ever since, all I could do was go up. FBI, CIA, InterPol, and the list goes on. Anything that could be hacked was hacked by me.”
“You managed to hack into NSA? Why?” Nate asked.
“All I wanted to do was prove that God existed in our everyday world. That’s all. Some of the best information is hidden there. I lead a team of people who do this everyday. We know everything going on in the world at any time. They probably don’t know that their leader is 1/3 of their age.”
“Wait, QS, that’s you! You’re the one who got that info from your contacts in….”SarahJo paused and snapped her fingers trying to remember.
“Lebanon. Yeah, that’s me. They think QS is old or something. Michael is the only one who knows who I really am. He’s former Mossad and one of my dad’s closest friends. I should of told you guys the other night, but I was scared.”
“I thought QS stood for questions or something. Now I see it was your initials,” SarahJo replied.
“Yeah. It was Michael’s idea for me to lead them. And no one ever knew that a 14 year old girl led them,” Qir’ah sighed and attempted to hide the tears forming in her eyes.
Alex’s hidden compassionate side stirred with emotion as Qir’ah, the youngest member of the team, fled the room in tears. Nate, turning to Alex and yelled, “Good job! Look what you did! Happy now?! She’s the youngest of us all and is still adjusting! The least you could do is show us that you are indeed human!”
“Look what I did?! What about you?! You continued this mess and you have no idea the hell I’ve been through in my own life! So sorry! Some leader you are!” Alex yelled back with sarcasm and anger.
“Coming from the Guardian! Oh, that’s funny! You’re supposed to be compassionate! Where’s your compassion?! Huh?!” Nate retorted.
The whole room seemed ready to get up in arms when Ka’as spoke, “Her compassion is hidden deep down, in a place where Joshua is gonna have to bring up to the surface. Compassion, just like every other hint of emotion. Nate, you were allowed, nay, even encouraged, to show your emotions. Love, joy, pain or sorrow. Alex and I both grew up on the streets. When you live on the streets, you learn to hide what you feel. If you show pain or fear,” here Ka’as stopped and paused, as his mind went to a certain time and place in his memory, “they’ll delight in making it worse. If you show love or joy, they’ll delight in taking it from you and making you wish you didn’t know the meanings of those words. You’re left with emptiness. Nate, you need to learn that sometimes the thing that makes us who we are is hidden deep down, and sometimes a ‘weakness’ is actually a strength. Alex, you need to learn that it is ok to show your emotions and that is ok to be human.” With those words Ka’as left the room.


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