Civil Love

“Now, even though the Civil War was about many things, most people assume that slavery and racism were the big issues. In fact, slavery was….”

“Why am I here, listening to her drone on and on?? I mean, does she seriously think that we’re all equal?? I mean, come on, do whites really think they can compete? We’re smarter, we’re better at basketball, we’re…..”

Both the teacher’s words and my thoughts were cut off as the final bell rang. I got up and was headed for a quick escape when Ms. Resker, my civics teacher, interrupted me.

“Satyana, I noticed you were daydreaming in class again. What about the Civil War do you not find interesting? And be honest, please.”

Rather begrudgingly, I plopped my books on the desk closest to me and turned around. As I looked out into the hall, I noticed my friend Jess standing there waiting for me. “What I find uninteresting,” I said, my every word clearly enunciated and oozing with sarcasm and scorn, “is that we’re talking about how equal everyone is and you and I both know how full of bullshit that is.”

Ms. Resker stood there for a second and then she said, “I happen to think that everyone is equal, regardless of race, color, age or gender. We will continue this conversation on Monday.” Her last words were droned out by the warning bell and me racing into the hall, where I found Jess by the lockers we shared.

“Ready?” she said as she held up her keys.

“You got the convertible back? When?”

“Earlier this morning. My dad finally got my bro another car, thank goodness. One more day of riding the bus with everyone else and I was seriously gonna scream.”

Soon, we were racing along I-95 with the ocean breeze teasing our hair. Jess turned to me, and with a look I knew all to well, said, “Sooo, what did the dreaded Ms. Resker want? More useless homework, again?” Truth be told, our civics teacher had a habit of randomly assigning homework to students at random.

Jess, was the epitome of what every girl in high school wanted to be. She was tall and super-model thin with blond hair and every guy wanted her. She was known all over school for hook-ups, she even had a rating system in place, and as well as her parties. Her parties were the events that everyone wanted to go to.

“No, thank goodness. Just some talk is all. She thinks I’m too, hmm, selective, about what I like about people. Oh, Jedi is gonna be out of town tonight, so I’ll totally be there,” I replied.

“Awesome! Oh, and by the way, Drew is gonna be there as well and we are totally on!”

“What?! You’re finally gonna do it? Let me know how he rates, I might want some of the action,” I said with a laugh.

“Will do, I promise,” Jess said.


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