Main Players

Name: Dany

Age: approx 18, 19

Height: approx 5’6”, 5’7”

Body type: Athletic

Ethnicity: Half Caucasian, half Indian

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color and type: Chocolate brown with auburn highlights; curly but silky

Other info:

Ø  Right handed naturally but can be ambidextrous depending on object being used

Ø  Wears a celtic necklace

Ø  Has several tattoos

  • Celtic tree of life and tribal band on her left arm
  • Flaming phoenix that starts at her shoulder blades and goes down her back with the tail curving to end under her right ribcage

Ø  Has No Memory!


Name: Darak Tharrheo

Darak – Hebrew: Guide

Tharrheo – Greek; exercise courage

Age: 25

Height: 6’0”

Body type: Slender, Athletic

Ethnicity: Italian

Eye color: Deep blue almost black

Hair color and type: Deep brown/black; thick and curly

Other info

Ø  Science prodigy discovered when he was 13

Ø  Invented a mind wipe drug for soldiers suffering from PTSD when he was 15

Ø  Was the head scientist of Shakeach until he disappeared


Name: Nasha

Lead astray and/or deceive

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Body type: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair color and type: Unknown

Other info

Ø  Has the ability to change everything about her hence the reason that no one what she looks like, except for Turannos

Ø  Administrator of Shakeach

Ø  ‘Plays’ Dany’s mother


Name: Turannos

Greek; Tyrant

Age: Unknown

Height: approx 6’3”, 6’4”

Ethnicity: Unknown

Eye color: Deep blue almost black with streaks of red and gold in them

Hair color and type: Jet black; wavy

Other info

Ø  Owner and CEO of Shakeach

Ø  Darak’s father

Ø  Only one who knows what Nasha looks like

Ø  Head of a underground network of teenage spies/assassins that Dany used to be a part of


Company Name: Shakeach

Hebrew: to cause to forget

Ø  Made international headlines when their head scientist [Darak Tharhheo] invented a mind-wipe drug for soldiers with PTSD

Ø  Secretly houses the HQ for an underground network of teenage spies/assassins


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