The Dream

As the sun peeked over the horizon and shone through the overcrowded pine trees, it illuminated the remnants of the snow leftover from the previous week. The aire smelled of crisp pine mingled with wet earth and snow. All of a sudden, a red cardinal flew from one of the pine trees to the ground and as he flew back up, one could see the worm wiggling in his mouth. The last cries of the horned owl were echoing throughout the woods as a young hunter elf drew a deep breath.

The hunter’s long curly hair got caught in her mouth and as she moved her hand to tuck the strand behind her ear, she stopped. She had caught sight of her prey and knew that she could not fail. Not this time. Not again. As she exhaled, her breathe hung in the cold air and she hoped that her target would come down in one shot. One shot was all she had. One shot was all she would need. She quietly withdrew an arrow from her quiver and slid it onto her yew bow which displayed the wear of an excellent hunter. She sighted her target once again and let the arrow fly. The target fell and the hunter smiled.

“Dany!! You need to get up! I made waffles and bacon!” yelled Nasha from the kitchen. Dany sighed and rolled over. The dreams had been coming more and more, and they were feeling more real with every passing dream. The more frustrating part however, was that Dany always woke up right before she determined who the hunter was.

Dany looked around her room. Though small compared to most apartments, the only other place she had known before was the house that she had woken up in only three weeks before which was barely bigger than her room in which she lay on her bed. The walls in her room were a light shade of purple trimmed with pale green. The one window had a sheer panel of green which matched the trim. The floor was hardwood and the only furniture other than the bed was the small desk in the corner which had schoolbooks on it. She sighed again as she got up and got dressed. Dany hated school and anything associated with it.


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