There are sooo many things that I have been pondering lately.

I have been debating whether to stay in the Navy or not. I just tested for 3rd class – which I feel like I failed because I didn’t know half of the information – and I should be able to test next year for 2nd class but I don’t know if I’ll stay in and try for 1st or get out and start my business. I know Josh wants to get out but I don’t know what I want to do. I want to support him as his wife but I don’t want to lose sight of my own dreams either.

I have been wondering when to have kids. Heck, am I even capable of having and/or providing for kids?? While Josh is worried about messing up either one of our daughters (whenever we have them), I’m just worried about messing them up at all. I’m worried that I won’t be as good of a parent as my parents – that I’ll screw it up even worse and people will think I’m a horrible daughter.

This isn’t really a question but more an issue of whining on my part. Why is it that I can run really well, do my sit-ups and push-ups to pass the PRT but I can’t seem to lose weight????? I really don’t like my body right now – as much as I love my mother – why did I have to get her hips? It doesn’t help when I gain weight and have to get taped at my hips!


Random Story

The corner was the perfect waiting spot. No one could sneak up from behind; no one could escape her eye. Her anxiety had no abated since she had walked in; it wouldn’t leave til she did. But she had to be here, she just had to.

Sitting in a little two-seater booth, she remained unnoticed. Jasmine yellow shutters stood floor to ceiling separated the dining room into sections; carpet covered the floor in an asparagus green where the sandstone tiles were not present. The outermost walls were also covered in the same sandstone tiles as the main walkways. The greens, yellows and browns complimented each other and gave the place a simple, yet refined, combination of country and city.

Person after person, family after family came in. The smells of lunch filled the air. Fresh warm bread, homemade soups and pies all combined their enticing smells to remind one of home. All except one, that is. She was too attentive to detail to smell the scents without hearing the noise. Pots and pans banging, cooks and servers arguing, parents scolding their children, but over all, laughter.

Pure, sweet, mischievous laughter emanated from a little boy about 10ft away. His dad was tickling him while his mother gently smiled. A twinge of jealousy sprouted in her; why couldn’t she have had that?


The last two days have been rather boring and dull. I haven’t really done anything worth mentioning except for starting to read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. I do have to say that I never, ever, ever wanna hear anyone tell me that my sentences can ramble or be long and excessive or be too descriptive when the first paragraph in this book is one sentence! I am not kidding!! It’s a good book so far. Tomorrow is gonna be busy and fun so night y’all!!


My morning was rough. I have no idea why but it was. There were so many little things that bothered me that shouldn’t have and I know I should have taken it to God but I didn’t and my whole day was ruined because I kept harping on it and fuming about it. I had to make 4 batches of fudge today which is actually a small amount compared to the amount I was making a month ago but for some reason, it just seemed to take forever.

Tonight was insanely crazy! At least it was for me. I drove my mom and my sisters to CheerXtreme, drove the older sis all the way across town for AHG, drove across town and back so younger sis can go to AHG as well, then drove back and forth to pick up Mom from CheerXtreme and then we came home. I did nothing but drive for about 3 hrs. It’s exhausting.

Still haven’t heard from Zack – keeping him in my prayers. 143


Mom had her first class teaching ASL this morning. It wasn’t too bad but there a couple of kids who are gonna be interesting to see how they do. On the way home my littlest brother threw up. We had just enough time to clean out the van before I left to take Stuart to WHHS. After dropping him off, I went to the office and helped out some. Can you believe that I leave in about 7.5 wks?! Yeah, I can’t either! When I was weighed today, I had gained a couple of pounds. Not what I wanted to hear right now. Anyways, the guys were in such a good mood that it was almost comical. When, after picking up Stuart, I made it home, I decided to go get some pics for today. I went out to the old torn down trailer, and got some cool shots, and had a really cool one set up when my battery died. I came up, grabbed my back-up only to discover that it was also dead. Darn! I’m gonna try to get the pic tomorrow. Right around bedtime, the littlest brother threw up again. Poor baby looks miserable. We don’t know why he is sick either. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Night y’all!


Today was a pretty boring day. It was cloudy and/or raining for most of the day so we were all inside and of course, the little ones had tons of energy and nowhere to spend it. So, they were running around like crazy.

Stuart and I got into a bit of a tiff over the Wii and later we both felt bad about it. Suffice to say, the Wii is in Mom’s room til further notice. Mom has her first day of class tomorrow so, we are all heading to bed earlier than normal. Oh, and since it’s beautiful outside (as beautiful as one can get with it being cloudy) the babies are sleeping outside. Well, Night!!!


In 7 weeks, I will leave for Basic. I will no longer be my own person. I will be a part of something bigger than myself, something international and something amazing. I will be a part of America’s Navy; I will be a Sailor. So why am I so scared? Maybe it’s because I don’t feel ready. Maybe because I will be gone from my family for the longest stretch of time or maybe because…..you know, I don’t know why I’m scared.

Today was a good day actually. Beautiful weather, loverly lunch with the family and I got some cleaning accomplished. Zack was supposed to call from Camp Lejune today but that didn’t happen. I don’t know if it’s cause his phone died or what but I feel kinda depressed now. I’ve had the devil whispering in my ear that everything that Zack told me was a lie but we all know that the devil is the Father of lies and everything he says is a lie. I know that God has this situation in control and I’m not gonna worry about it or Zack. Well, I’m off to bed! Night!